Nutty 2 : Handcuff Sex


Nutty is is a Bangkok Ladyboy full of power and lust for sex. For this video I tried to make her look a little more feminine by introducing warm pink colors on her body and her lips. She did an amazing job with her make up and I think it is safe to say she looks absolutely stunning and uber sexy in this video. I slapped the cuffs on her while she held her hands behind her back so she knew she was to be my property for the next while and that usually excites her so much she gets a boner before we get started. I grabbed Nutty by her hair and had my way with her. After I finished I uncuffed her and told her to get ready to leave while I'd take a shower but she decided to ignore me, picked up the camera and helped herself to climax. Watch it all only on Ladyboy Vice.