Madonna : Handcuff and Tattoo Sex


Skinny little Madonna, I like her so much, she has a tight body, a lovely little hole and gives nice warm wet blowjobs, all that and a name that takes me back to the 80's when I was younger and somewhat handsome. I had enjoyed all of my sessions with her and the one video we made screamed for an encore. I had bought a purple body stocking and when I bought it, the woman at the shop warned me it was very small, only a petite Asian woman would be able to fit in. I knew that wasn't gonna be a problem with Madonna. She looks stunning in it, her back covering ink, her hair pulled up tight, she just oozes sex. I didn't get her to agree to bareback yet because she is very selective on who she lets in raw but I promise I will try hard to get some of that action on film in a future encore. Enjoy Madonna's new hardcore video only on your Ladyboy Gold network, home to all of the Ladyboy Vice buggering.