Aum : Restrained Sex Slave


I don't know about you, but personally love Ladyboys in all shapes and sizes… well maybe not all but boobjobs, no boobjobs, tall, short, fair skinned, dark skinned, I love to fill their holes the same. What I like about flat chest Ladyboys is that they have that young fresh look. Aum is not a teen but she sure comes across as one, she is shy, fit & firm and she sucks dicks like someone who has been wanting to do it for ages. I wish I could say I present her hardcore debut but unfortunately someone beat me to the post. When I talked to her in the bar, she wouldn't stop asking questions, the taxi driver even seemed a bit annoyed with the constant yapping. I don't mind chatty girls, but there is a time for talking and a time to be quiet and take the dick.